Vote Now: The Hellmont Stakes

The Sanderson Sisters won by a nose at the Freakness Stakes, but can they win the Triple Crown? Let’s find out!

Our new entries all come from the American Horror Story series. We have…

In stall 1, Constance Langdon from Murder House riding a wave of guilt!

In stall 2, Sister Mary Eunice from Asylum riding a demon!

Ahs American Horror Story animated GIF

In stall 3, Marie Laveau from Coven levitating!







Advancing from the Freakness Stakes, we have…

In stall 4, the Sanderson Sisters riding broomsticks! (Hocus Pocus)






In stall 5, T-Rex on a Jeep! (Jurassic Park)

In stall 6, Norman Bates riding his good looks! (Psycho)

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