Vote Now: Unlucky Derby

This is a race between some of our favorite villains from children’s scary movies. The top five will advance to the Freakness Stakes in two weeks. Will there be a Triple Crown Winner? You’ll decide!

In stall 1 we have…the Sanderson Sisters riding broomsticks! (Hocus Pocus)





In stall 2…a Gremlin driving a snowplow!

In stall 3…T-Rex on a Jeep! (Jurassic Park)

In stall 4…Hazmat guys in a tube! (ET)

In stall 5…Beetlejuice riding a gravestone!

In stall 6…the flying monkeys! (The Wizard of Oz)

In stall 7…the skeleton crew on the Black Pearl! (Pirates of the Caribbean)

In stall 8…Large Marge driving her semi-truck! (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure)

In stall 9…the Frighteners riding with Michael J. Fox!

In stall 10…the forest fire chasing Bambi’s mother and riding on the wind!

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