#BatesMotel–“The Arcanum Club”

The Details Norma and Alex have an awkward hug/kiss moment when he moves out of the motel. Norma searches for the missing Annika, and it leads her to the Arcanum Club, a creepy secret society where rich men mingle, among other things. Alex finds her there and urges her to go, because it's dangerous. Norma … Continue reading #BatesMotel–“The Arcanum Club”

#BatesMotel–“A Death in the Family”

The Details Norma receives word that her mother has died and grieves the loss of the mother she never had. Caleb keeps hanging around, no matter how much Dylan tries to get rid of him. Norman and Emma begin dating...and being home-schooled together. A guest named Annika that "entertains at parties" shows up. Norman spies … Continue reading #BatesMotel–“A Death in the Family”