A Bookish Bucket List

Thanks to Loren Rhoads for posting her own bucket list and inspiring me to do the same. A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die, a bookish one just means all the items on the list are writing or reading adjacent. 1. Take a course through Second City. … Continue reading A Bookish Bucket List

6 Reasons Summer is Scary

Compared to spring, summer has been used in loads of horror films, but why? The sun is shining and the livin's easy. Where does summer go wrong? 1. Unexpected Death We are more likely to be victims of murder, drowning, drunk driving, and burning in the summer. Because we are out and about more, we … Continue reading 6 Reasons Summer is Scary

Everyone Secretly Loves Horror

https://twitter.com/LZats/status/457289999973896192 Laura Zats is a literary agent at Red Sofa Literary. She gives great information on what she sees in publishing (follow her!). It's also important to note the part about Christian ideology--perhaps those creatures in another cultural framework would fare better (free idea, everyone!). The previous week, she posted a similar response about zombies. … Continue reading Everyone Secretly Loves Horror