#AmericanHorrorStory: Edward Mordrake Part Two

Edward Mordrake continues to look for the freak who should join his undead crew.

The Details

  • Seal Boy shares that he could not tattoo his face like the rest of his body, because it was so beautiful.
  • Elsa shares the horrible story of losing her legs, drugged and on film.
  • Jimmy Darling saves everyone from Twisty. It brings the townsfolk and the freaks together. Yay!
  • Twisty tells Edward Mordrake how people refused to believe that he was a good person because of their bias. Of course, he went too far trying to win people back.
  • Dandy picks up Twisty’s mask and his crimes.

The Big Q

What makes a crime unforgivable?

The Impact

The tricky thing in this episode is that you can’t hate anyone, except Dandy. Everyone gets along, united by what really matters, what’s good. Now, the crimes Twisty committed are still wrong, but once we understand him, is it possible to forgive him? The problem with Dandy is that we still have no idea why he does what he does, which makes him unforgivable. I’m curious once we learn his motives if we’ll be able to forgive him.

What do you think? What’s the difference between forgiveness and understanding?

Halloween Movie Month: The End of Days


Released in theatres this past weekend, Ouija is the story of Laine (Olivia Cooke) trying to find out how her friend Debbie (Shelley Hennig) died. I love Olivia Cooke in Bates Motel, and I enjoyed her in this too. There some good artistry in set design and color use (red vs. blue). It’s a pretty classic contemporary evil spirit story, but I’m interested in Ouija boards, so it worked for me.

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The Cabin in the Woods

This was a re-watch for me. I love this smart horror film that plays on all the tropes. As always, Joss is boss. A perfect day would be watching this alongside Evil Dead and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

October 31st

You’ll have to choose how you want to finish your month, but here is a great resource:

What will you be watching for this week’s grand finale?

#TheWalkingDead: Four Walls and a Roof


The Details

  • Gareth’s group eats tainted meat.
  • Gareth leads an attack on Rick’s group that fails. They slaughter Gareth and his people in the church, which Maggie says, is just “four walls and a roof.”
  • Gabriel confesses that he locked his congregation out during the height of the infection.
  • Abraham refuses to wait for Carol and Daryl to return. He later writes an apology on a map he leaves with Rick.
  • Carol and Daryl return.

The Big Q

Do we need to go backward in order to go forward?

The Impact

At the beginning of the episode, Gareth says there’s no going back to Terminus, but later when Rick threatens his life, he promises to go back. The church, even before the slaughter, had become “four walls and a roof.” It had lost its sanctity, either because of the apocalypse, Gabriel’s actions, or Rick’s actions. Maggie was raised a person of faith, so for her to reduce this symbol to nothing is significant. Time marches on, and things don’t stay the same. The only place in this episode hinting of positive progress is the trip to Washington D.C. This is the only place we see true contrition. Abraham is willing to speak of the past and apologize. It seems the only way to truly go forward is to find a way to go back. Throughout the show there’s a sense of returning to an uncivilized past. The question remains, will it lead to a good end?

What do you think? What Big Q’s did you see last night?

#AmericanHorrorStory Edward Mordrake Part 1

Yippee! The first part of the Halloween episode is here!

The Details

  • Ethel learns that her cirrhosis will kill her.
  • Desiree and Dell fight about Dell’s impotence.
  • Esmerelda (fakes?) a fortune reading for Elsa.
  • The fortune reading inspires Elsa to break superstition and perform on Halloween, which summons Edward Mordrake.
  • Dandy impersonates Twisty.
  • Bette and Dot fight about whether they should be separated.

The Big Q

How does pretending to be someone we’re not hurt us?

The Impact

Just in time for Halloween, we have an episode the reflects on life’s masquerades. All of these prove to be detrimental. Ethel will die drinking instead of acknowledging that drinking has brought her downfall by staying off of it. Desiree and Dell project a happy, sexually fulfilled relationship, but the fighting caused by living a lie will cause trouble this season. Esmerelda’s performance as a fortuneteller to steal and kill a freak will likely led to her being caught and turned into a freak (a la Freaks), or some other revenge. Elsa’s refusal to shape her dream to reality will lead to the death of a freak, the very people that attract audiences to see her. Dandy has allied with a serial killer. Yeah. Bette and Dot disagree about whether they would be better together and limited to freak shows or one¬†living out a “normal” life.

What do you think? How does pretending to be someone we’re not hurt us? When does pretending to be someone we’re not help us? Did I miss any details?